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Leave a lasting message that they can treasure.

Video Sharing

Choose our 'Video Sharing' package to share a special video message with your loved ones for only $9.99 per year!

Share a personal video message with your loved ones.

Video speaks louder than your last words.

Nothing beats speaking to someone face to face but after you are gone, a video message is the next best thing

Upload a video from your device and it will be shared with your loved ones once your parting has been confirmed by the AIAG system.

Leave them with the words you want them to remember you by.

Why Share A Video?

As they say video is the most powerful method of communication.

A video message could be the last gift you leave for your loved ones. Tell them how much you love them or leave them the instructions they need for wrapping up your financial affairs or attending to any other unfinished business.

In a situation where there is an untimely death, a pre-recorded video can be automatically sent to your specified ‘loved one’, once your passing has been confirmed by the AIAG system; either by confirmation by your ’notifier’ or using our innovative ’Self Notify’ function.

You can never plan for these things, but you can always be prepared.

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