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Our Team

Meet the faces behind AIAG

Pranav Patel

The Thinker

With a background in project management, Pranav has formed and maintained a plethora of high achieving teams and delivered multiple projects worth millions of pounds across multiple industry sectors.

As a founder of After I Am Gone Ltd, Pranav aims to deliver a valuable service to our customers

Pranav has a passion for understanding how things work which often lead him to break things as a child. He still feels the need to take things apart, although now he does it mentally rather than causing too much damage! Pranav likes to think of services and goods that will help humanity and provide a quality service.

Antony E. Larcombe MBA, BSc

The Business

Antony has 30 years of business experience covering areas such as network & infrastructure design, data management & data exploitation through to VC/MBO/IPO. Because his experience includes both senior management and hands-on roles in a wide variety of corporate settings, Antony can work within an executive framework while, at the same time, he makes technology accessible to those who need it.

Antony built his reputation by dealing with the needs of organisations that were increasingly dependant upon virtual and online technologies but were often not in a position to use them well.

In addition to having designed solutions for major global organisations, he created and ran an IT research facility for a pan-European business and IT consulting organisation. During his career, Tony was the ICT director of HW Group PLC; CTO (EMEA) of TMP.Worldwide; VP and CIO of iRevolution PLC; and most recently a director of; Careers After Sport; Virtual Process Online (SA); allINKlusive Ltd; ApprovedPPE Ltd and Certified Skills (IKE).

Atul Bhalsod

The Creator

As an IT consultant, Atul has designed and deployed many technical solutions across complex environments. With a passion for brand design and digital marketing, Atul has helped to bring the AIAG identity to life.

As a founding partner, having seen the effects on people of a relative passing and having to spend hours delving through paper documents in order to obtain essential financial records and legal documents, Atul believes that the AIAG system is a true game changer in easing the burden on those concerned at a time when they shouldn’t have to deal with more stressful situations.